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Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon an 18th birthday commission.

Large Dragon (Before)

The wings are removable and have several poseable positions. All the scaled were cut by hand and welded individually. Below are photos before painting commissioned Dec 2017. This was a more expensive dragon due to the detail and hours of work in creating it.

Large Dragon (After)

The customer wanted the dragon to hold a green sphere. Which is removable but gripped well in the dragons claws.

Welsh Dragon

The sculpture is made to scale based upon the typical welsh dragon image. I used the unique wing design to create the scale for the dragon.
The pose is very close I decide not to include the tongue. I was asked to paint it one colour a bright red.

Large Copper Fountain

These images are of a copper oak tree fountain with a bench attached.The inner structure is steel which was galvanised. The plumbing work was designed and made to maximise water flow with adjustable valves. It has two Faerie doors which allow access to the valves. All the leaves were made by hand and individual and brazed onto the pipework branches. The bark of the tree is all copper beaten and shaped with some personal decoration. A copper bird and nest sit on top of the tree.

Commission finished and installed Dec 2016.

Special Handrail

Special handrail designed for a country cottage where a traditional balcony type rail would have looked clumsy and there wasn’t a good fixing for it. The vine is pulled under tension with the post and fixed to the wall. The post which resembles an old tree has a limb which is intended as a hand rail for the steps leading up to the landing. The trailing vines stop anything from falling of the raised landing,It was hand painted and lacquered.


Compilation of junk – art (assembled or construction art).


Owls (2ft x 3ft)

Junk art owl Commissioned by an animal hospital. The feathers are made from diamond discs and the bird sparkles in the sun.

Owls (3ft x 6ft)

This owl has articulated wings which move using very strong springs which balance out the weight of the feathers. 2017 commission for a garden show.